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Our Process

At Mid Tenn Bins, we want to make sure our clients have one less chore to worry about. Our process is fast for an instant clean and sanitized bin. How is this possible? We use heated pressurized water that reaches up to 200 degrees. We then use an environmentally friendly odor neutralizer that works to mitigate odor in your trash bin until your next service.

You simply take out the trash as on any other “trash day,” and when you bring your trash bin back it is clean and sanitized!

How It Works

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Step 1:

Select your service plan

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Step 2:

Complete customer information form and schedule service

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Step 3:

Take your trash bin to the road like normal

Benefits of Professional Bin Cleaning:


Our service is very efficient and effective:

  • Saves time
  • Eliminates an unpleasant chore
  • No need to reschedule
  • Just take your trash bin to the road as always


Our service plans create value for our customers:

  • Multiple service plans
  • Cleaning starting at $19.79
  • No service contracts
  • Pay one-time or as you go


We provide our service using the natural process of heated water and pressure:

  • Kills potentially harmful bacteria
  • Our service is eco-friendly
  • Conserves water
    (up to 25 times less water)
  • Effectively reclaims all waste water