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* Trash bin serial number must be associated with residence of service

Monthly Service

Our monthly bin cleaning service cleans and sanitizes your trash bin 12 times a year. This service is recommended for businesses, restaurants, and homes which produce high volumes of waste.

  • $19.99 billed monthly

  • 12 cleanings per year
  • Up to two cans (you can include your recycling bin)
  • Use one-time payment and receive 10% off year of service

seasonal Service

Our seasonal service provides bin cleaning and sanitizing service every three months. Our residential clients receive a sanitized and clean trash bin for every season of the year.

  • $28.99 billed every three months

  • Up to two bins (you can include your recycling bin)
  • Pay for the whole year and receive one additional sanitizing and cleaning at your discretion

Bi-Annual Service

Our bi-annual service provides cleaning and sanitizing bins once every six months. This service is recommended for those who have less than average amounts of waste.

  • $37.99 billed twice a year

  • Each additional bin $5.00
  • One-time payment for the year and your 2nd can cleaning is free

One-Time Service

Our one-time service provides a one-time cleaning and sanitizing of bins. This service is recommended for those who have an event or just need an annual cleaning of their bins.

  • $42.99

  • Each additional can $5.00